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    MTG Card Analyzer

    A collectors dream application, that gives you the ability to take pictures of your cards and have them instantly be recognized and added to your collection. This app will scan each image uploaded attempt to grab the name of the card and analyze the set image in an attempt to match it with a given set.


    Here is a test extraction:

    Original Card

    Logo Image

    Name Extraction

    Extracted Text: g Platinum Angel

    Cleaned Extracted Text: gPlatinumAngel

    Before Pre Processing

    Logo Image

    After Pre-Processing

    Logo Image

    Type Extraction

    Extracted Text: E Artifact Creature —- Angel

    Cleaned Extracted Text: EArtifactCreatureAngel

    Before Pre-Processing

    Logo Image

    After Pre-Processing

    Logo Image

    More examples are available here

    Getting Up And Running

    Getting Started

    Clone repo

    git clone

    Install dependencies

    npm i

    Navigate to the repo's directory, you will need to setup a few things first

    • Run this script to seed your local name dictionary
      • node .\src\db-local\bulk-insert.js
    • Create an RDS instance in AWS or any other mySql db provider
      • Create a secure.config.js with your mySql credentials (Schema below)
      • All sql scripts are located in src\data\scripts\sql, run all the table create scripts

    Secure Config Schema

    A template is avaliable here

        rds: {
            host: '...',
            database: '...',
            user: '...',
            password: '...'

    First Test Run

    Once all of the setup is complete to run your first image through the processor you can use one of the test images or use the given command below.

    This is deprecated in this repo now

    This repo is no longer a CLI

    # Run at the base directory of the repo
    node index.js scan ./src/test-images/PlatinumAngel.jpg
    # Might need to run as sudo on linux

    Current Commands

    • scan <filePath> : this command scans a single image and outputs the results to the terminal
      • flags:
        • query or q: for disabling database manipulation (default true)
        • file or f: for processing an output file (default false)

    Test images are provided at src\test-images

    Backfiller utility instructions found here

    Packages Under the Hood

    • fuzzyset.js
    • image-hash
    • jimp
    • string-similarity
    • tesseract.js


    npm i mtg-card-analyzer-sdk

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