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msGetStarted custom Get Started

modify and brand the entire account creation process for enterprise / resellers

version 2.24


Enterprise / Resellers can have full control on how new users open and manage accounts on their own web site. The "GetStarted" wizard allows any JavaScript developer to change Studio, Template and Player selections during account creation as well as completely modify the open account process. The wizard consists of:

  • Studio Selection (Lite / Pro)
  • Player Installer (HTML5, executables, direct download, AIR and Flash)
  • Create account process (branded to your enterprise account)
  • Change user password
  • Change business name
  • Forgot password
  • User authentication
  • Bootstrap Progressive layout
  • Developed with Backbone.js

video tutorial

installing via npm:

1. download and install node.js via:
2. run from the command line: npm install msGetStarted
3. follow wizard questions

to run the setup a second time or just re-launch the local test server:

. cd node_modules/msGetStarted
. run local server via: node ./express.js
. answer (n) when asked if to install branding


The entire enterprise configuration is generated and saved inside of:


You can use any editor to change branding info manually:

 BB.globs['ERI'] = 'YOUR_ERI';
 BB.globs['CLOUD'] = true; // false if hosting in private server or hybrid server

note that all of the above info will automatically popilate for you once you run the installtion and provide your crdentails


This project is powered by the amazing gulp: this means you can use gulp to run pre-compiled commands such as:

  • gulp local_server_dev
  • gulp local_server_dist
  • and you can add your own gulp commands to automate updates etc


Visit landing page:


  • GPL V3