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    An NPM wrapper for Chromium-based MS Edge Driver.

    The module detects Edge browser version, installed on the local system and downloads the driver of the same version.


    npm install ms-chromium-edge-driver

    Or download the source and run

    node lib/install.js

    The package fetches MS Edge browser binary for path and version. Then it downloads the driver of the same version.

    The package supports MacOS(darwin) and Windows. Linux based platforms are not supported since there is no MS Edge browser released on it yet.


    import { installDriver } from 'ms-chromium-edge-driver';
    import { Builder } from 'selenium-webdriver';
    import edge from 'selenium-webdriver/edge';
    const edgePaths = await installDriver();
    const edgeOptions = new edge.Options();
    const driver = await new Builder()
      .setEdgeService(new edge.ServiceBuilder(edgePaths.driverPath))

    Custom binaries url

    To use a mirror of the MSEdgeDriver binaries use PATH variable EDGEDRIVER_CDNURL. Default is https://msedgedriver.azureedge.net.

    EDGEDRIVER_CDNURL=https://<mirror address> npm install ms-chromium-edge-driver

    Custom browser binary path and driver version

    To override the default binary path use the npm config property npm_config_edge_binary_path.

    npm install ms-chromium-edge-driver --npm_config_edge_binary_path=/path/to/Microsoft Edge

    Another option is to use the PATH variable EDGE_BINARY_PATH

    EDGE_BINARY_PATH=C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft\\Edge\\Application\\msedge.exe

    On Windows there is an option to pass custom HKEY by using the PATH variable EDGE_HKEY:

    EDGE_HKEY=SOFTWARE\\WOW6432Node\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Current\\Version\\Uninstall\\Microsoft Edge

    In addition, custom driver version can be specified with the npm config property npm_config_edgedriver_version

    npm install ms-chromium-edge-driver --npm_config_edgedriver_version=80.0.361.103

    Another option is to use the PATH variable EDGEDRIVER_VERSION


    If both browser binary path and version are provided, the package will skip binary fetch step and start with the driver download.

    Custom driver binary

    To get the msedgedriver from the filesystem instead of a web request use the npm config property npm_config_edgedriver_path.

    npm install ms-chromium-edge-driver --npm_config_edgedriver_path=/path/to/msedgedriver.exe

    Or add property into your .npmrc file.


    Another option is to use the PATH variable EDGEDRIVER_PATH


    If both the binary path and driver path are provided, the package will return it skipping browser fetching and driver download steps.

    Download driver during npm install

    Driver is not downloaded during npm install by default.

    To change this behaviour set the npm config property npm_config_edgedriver_download_on_install

    npm install ms-chromium-edge-driver --npm_config_edgedriver_download_on_install=1

    Another option is to use the PATH variable EDGEDRIVER_DOWNLOAD_ON_INSTALL



    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


    npm i ms-chromium-edge-driver

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