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A simple tool for setting script properties on packages.json for watching/building less and browserify code.

mrun - A npm module for setting npm run properties to build/watch less and browserify code

A simple npm/terminal tool to set your package.json file to have scripts to build or watch less and browserify code. CSS will also be autoprefixed.

Following tools will be set as dependencies:

  • autoprefixer
  • wr
  • watchify
  • browserify
  • less

Entry file for less and js should be app.{js,css}

npm install -g mrun

To see usage run: mrun -h:

Usage: mrun [ "style directory" "browser code directory" "target directory" ]
(run in package root dir).
Update package.json file with run scripts text to build or watch
less and javascripts files. Entry file for less and js should be app.{js,css}
Argument overview:
Style directory: Where the less files are.
Browser code directory: Where the browserify compatible code resides.
Target directory: Where the compiled files are placed.
Without arguments the defaults are: [ 'style', 'browser', 'static' ]

To add default scripts (with style folder style, js code from browser and storing the compiled files to target) run the binary without arguments:

npm install mrun
var mrun = require('mrun')
  , handleRespone = function(err, newPackage) {
    if(err) throw Error(err);
    console.log("New packageJson");
// Or with options: 
      style: 'anotherStyleDirectory'
    , browser: 'anotherBrowserDirectory'
    , target: 'anotherTargetDirectory'
  }, handleRespone);