A simple tool for setting script properties on packages.json for watching/building less and browserify code.

mrun - A npm module for setting npm run properties to build/watch less and browserify code

A simple npm/terminal tool to set your package.json file to have scripts to build or watch less and browserify code as described by substack in this gist.

Instead of copypasting the code from the gist you can automaticly insert it into your package.jsonfile. You can also define the folders you want to use.

npm install -g mrun

To see usage run: mrun -h:

Usage: mrun [ "style directory" "browser code directory" "target directory" ]
(run in package root dir).
Update package.json file with run scripts text to build or watch
less and javascripts files.
Argument overview:
Style directory: Where the less files are
Browser code directory: Where the browserify compatible code resides.
Target directory: Where the compiled files are placed.
Without arguments the defaults are: [ 'style', 'browser', 'static' ]

To add default scripts (with style folder style, js code from browser and storing the compiled files to target) run the binary without arguments:

npm install mrun
var mrun = require('mrun')
  , handleRespone = function(errnewPackage) {
    if(err) throw Error(err);
    console.log("New packageJson");
// Or with options: 
      style: 'anotherStyleDirectory'
    , browser: 'anotherBrowserDirectory'
    , target: 'anotherTargetDirectory'
  }, handleRespone);

This is a really simple module and just ment to work as a convenient. All creative credit, and thought work belongs to substack and this gist.

I'm open for pull requests. I want to expand this module by adding tests to make it more robust and possibly expand the functionality.