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    mrs-developer is an NodeJS utility that makes it easy to work with NPM projects containing lots of packages, of which you only want to develop some.

    Note: mr-developer is mrs-developer's predecessor. It is now obsolete. mr-developer has a dependency to nodegit which is painful to install. mrs-developer depends on simple-git, which does not build the Git library (it just requires to have the git command avaialble in the environment).

    It allows to replace any given dependency with a checkout from its Git repository.


    The paths to those local checkouts are added in tsconfig.json or in tsconfig.base.json if it exists (or jsconfig.json if we don't use TypeScript).

    Dependencies are listed in a file named mrs.developer.json:

      "ngx-tooltip": {
        "url": ""
      "angular-traversal": {
        "url": "",
        "branch": "test-as-subproject"
      "plone.restapi-angular": {
        "path": "src/lib",
        "package": "@plone/restapi-angular",
        "url": "",
        "https": "",
        "tag": "1.3.1"

    It also supports mono-repositories with the packages attribute providing a dictionnary of package ids / pathes:

      "angular": {
        "url": "",
        "packages": {
          "@angular/core": "/packages/core",
          "@angular/forms": "/packages/forms"

    By using the local property, we can declare a path that will be added in tsconfig.json (no repository will be pulled):

      "my-package": {
        "local": "lib/my/package"

    By running the missdev command, those repositories will be checked out in the ./src/develop folder and they will be added into the tsconfig.json file in the paths property, so the compiler will use them instead of the node_modules ones.

    Existing paths entries will be preserved if they do not target a folder located in src/develop.

    It is possible to keep a package in mrs-developer.json, but don't process it, by setting develop: false. This allows an easier development workflow of those packages, as they can be easier toggled between dev and released modes.

      "my-package": {
        "local": "lib/my/package",
        "develop": false


    $ missdev

    will fetch last changes from each repositories, and checkout the specified branch.

    If a repository contains non committed changes or if the merge has conflicts, it will not be updated, and the user will have to update it manually.

    $ missdev --no-fetch

    will just checkout the specified branches or tags without fetching the remote repositories.

    $ missdev --hard

    will do a hard reset before updating, so local changes are overriden.

    $ missdev --last-tag

    will get the last tag (according chronological order) for each epository and will update mrs.developer.json accordingly.

    $ missdev --config=jsconfig.json

    allows to update a different file than tsconfig.json (might be useful in non-Angular context).

    $ missdev --no-config

    will not write any config

    $ missdev --output=myfolder

    will checkout the files in src/myfolder

    $ missdev --https

    will use the https entry (if it exists) instead of the url entry for each repository

    $ missdev --fetch-https

    will use the https entry (if it exists) instead of the url entry for each repository, ONLY for the fetch remote

    $ missdev --default-to-master

    will checkout the master branch if the requested branch or tag does no exist in the repository.

    $ missdev --all-master

    will checkout the master branch even though another branch or tag is mentioned in mrs.developer.json.

    Note: in all cases where missdev needs the master branch but it is not available, it will use main branch instead.

    Config file structure

    The entry key is used to name the folder where we checkout the repository in ./src/develop.


    • package: Optional. Name of the package that will be mention in paths. If not provided, defauklt to entry key.
    • path: Optional. Source path in the repository. Will be concatenated to the local repository path in tsconfig.json.
    • url: Mandatory. Git repository remote URL.
    • branch: Optional. Branch name, default to master. Ignored if tag is defined.
    • tag: Optional. Tag name.
    • develop: Optional. Boolean, can be toggled on/off to activate/deactivate a package. Default is true.

    Usage with React

    Create a minimal jsconfig.json file in the project root (see

        "compilerOptions": {}

    And run:

    $ missdev --config=jsconfig.json

    To make sure the jsconfig.json paths defined by mrs-developer are used in Webpack, change your webpack.config.js like this:

    const pathsConfig = require('./jsconfig').compilerOptions.paths;
    const alias = {};
    Object.keys(pathsConfig).forEach(package => {
      alias[package] = pathsConfig[package][0];
    resolve: {
        alias: alias


    mrs-developer is shamelessly inspired by the well-known mr.developer Python buildout extension.


    npm i mrs-developer

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