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A Javascript Library for Node.js Functions

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## About Node.js makes it very easy to use Javascript. Mr.Node make it even easier to use Javascript. It gives a simple API to carry out functions. This way you don't have to write five lines of code for each function. He is very smart.

## Documentation Npm:

$ npm install --save-dev mrnode


$ bower install --save-dev mrnode


   <script src=""></script> 

## Getting Started

After you have installed Mr.Node, use Node's require attribute in your Javascript file.

   var mrnode = require('mrnode');

## Main Features

Convert Sass to CSS:

   mrnode.csass('yourfolder/yourfile', 'yourdestinationfolder');

Minify Files:


Beautify Files:

   mrnode.beautify('yourfolder/yourfile', 'yourdestinationfolder');

To see more go here.

Customizing Functions

You probably want to customize these functions that I have made. Many of the functions use npm Dependencies. With some knowledge, you can customize these functions to the better likings of your self.


function create(name, extension) {
    fs.writeFile(name + '.' + extension, '//change the name of this file to whatever you like', function(err) {
        if (err) return console.log(err);
        console.log('File Created');

In this example you add a destination to the create(); function. The code for this was .pipe(gulp.dest('destination')). ## License & Copyright ©️ License

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©️ 2017 Talon Bragg and Shreyas Lad