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Mr Coffee

Yes. I always have my coffee when I watch radar, you know that. — Dark Helmet

Mr Coffee provides support for CoffeeScript modules with Mr.

To make use of Mr Coffee, install it in your project. All files bearing the a name like *.coffee will be translated on the fly with Mr (no build step in development) and bundled by Mrs.

npm install mr mr-coffee --save
        <sript src="node_modules/mr/boot.js" data-module="">
        <div id="greeting" data-who="World!"></div>
greeting = document.querySelector '#greeting'
who = greeting.dataset.who
greeting.innerHTML = "Hello, #{who}"

Use mrs (part of Mr) to build the a bundle, with just the compiled JavaScript.

./node_modules/.bin/mrs demo/

Produces a bundle, similar to one generated by Browserify. Philosophically, the difference is that your translators, compilers, and optimizers are configured in package.json and used both with Mr (development) and Mrs (production).

(function (modules) {
    // unpack module tuples into module objects 
    for (var i = 0; i < modules.length; i++) {
        modules[i] = new Module(modules[i][0], modules[i][1]);
    function Module(dependencies, factory) {
        this.dependencies = dependencies;
        this.factory = factory;
    Module.prototype.getExports = function () {
        var module = this;
        if (!module.exports) {
            module.exports = {};
            var require = function (id) {
                var index = module.dependencies[id];
                var dependency = modules[index];
                if (!dependency)
                    throw new Error("Bundle is missing a dependency: " + id);
                return dependency.getExports();
            module.exports = module.factory(require, module.exports, module) || module.exports;
        return module.exports;
    return modules[0].getExports();
})((function (global){return[[{},function (require, exports, module){
// mr-coffee demo/ 
// --------------------------- 
(function() {
  var greeting, who;
  greeting = document.querySelector("#greeting");
  who = greeting.dataset.who;
  greeting.innerHTML = "Hello, " + who;