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MQTT-SN Gateway: Core

This module is part of mqttsngw. It is responsible for handling parsed MQTT-SN packets from the event bus and maintaining state machines for connected sensors. If necessary it requests a connection to the broker on the event bus.


const Core = require('mqttsngw-core');

Creates a new Core factory and attaches it to an existing instance of mqttsngw. opts has the following fields:

  • log: Optional. An object containing logging callbacks for all log levels (error, warn, info, debug). Every callback is called with a human-readable message as the first argument followed by an object containing more information regarding the event: { error: (msg, info) => { ... }, ...}.
  • enforceUniqueClientIds: If set to true, existing connections will be disconnected if a new connection with the same MQTT Client ID is established.

State Machines

[Core] Main

  • init: Preparing the state machine
  • listening: Listens for incoming connection requests from the sensor network. If a request is received, a new instance of [Core] Client is created and started.

[Core] Client

Reflects the current sensor state.

  • init: Preparing the state machine.
  • willTopic: Waits for a will topic sent by the sensor.
  • willMessage: Waits for a will message sent by the sensor.
  • connectBroker: Tries to connect to the broker.
  • active: The sensor is connected. Depending on the received sensor messages, it will start the state machines [Core] Subscribe, [Core] PublishToBroker or [Core] PublishToClient.
  • sleep: The sensor may enter sleep state by stating a non-zero duration in the DISCONNECT packet. The gateway will collect ingress publishes from the broker and sends them to the sensores once it's active again.

[Core] Subscribe

Handles topic subscription requested sent by sensors.

  • init: Checks subscription request.
  • brokerSubscribe: Subscribes the topic at the broker.

[Core] PublishToBroker

Sends a message to the broker

  • init: Checks the publish request and translates the topicId to the topic name.
  • publishToBroker: Sends the message to the broker.

[Core] PublishToClient

Sends a message to the sensor

  • init: Lookup the topicId to the given topic name or register one.
  • registerTopic: Registers a topic at the sensor.
  • publishToClient: Sends the message to the sensor.


Several events are consumed and emitted by the Core module on the event bus.


Event State Machine Description
snUnicastIngress,*,connect [Core] Main Incoming connection requests packet
brokerConnect,*,res [Core] Client Response to a broker connection request
snUnicastIngress,*,disconnect [Core] Client Sensor sent disconnect
snUnicastIngress,*,register [Core] Client Sensor registers a new topic name
snUnicastIngress,*,subscribe [Core] Client Sensor subscribes to a new topic
snUnicastIngress,*,unsubscribe [Core] Client Sensor unsubscribes from a topic
snUnicastIngress,*,publish [Core] Client Sensor publishes a message
snUnicastIngress,*,pingreq [Core] Client Sensor sent ping request
brokerDisconnect,*,notify [Core] Client Connection to the broker has been disconnected
brokerPublishToClient,*,req [Core] Client A message shall be sent from the broker to the sensor
brokerSubscribe,*,res [Core] Subscribe Response to a subscription request
brokerUnsubscribe,*,res [Core] Unsubscribe Response to a desubscription request
brokerPublishFromClient,*,res [Core] PublishToBroker Response to a publish to broker request
snUnicastIngress,*,regack [Core] PublishToClient Reaction to a register request from the sensor
snUnicastIngress,*,puback [Core] PublishToClient Reaction to a publish request from the sensor


Event State Machine Description
brokerConnect,*,req [Core] Client Request a connection to the broker
brokerDisconnect,*,call [Core] Client Disconnect from the broker
snUnicastOutgress,*,connack [Core] Client Send a CONNACK to the sensor
snUnicastOutgress,*,disconnect [Core] Client Disconnect from sensor
snUnicastOutgress,*,regack [Core] Client Send a REGACK to the sensor
snUnicastOutgress,*,pingresp [Core] Client Respond to a ping request
brokerSubscribe,*,req [Core] Subscribe Subscribes a topic at the broker
snUnicastOutgress,*,suback [Core] Subscribe Respond to a subscription request
brokerUnsubscribe,*,req [Core] Unsubscribe Unsubscribes a topic at the broker
snUnicastOutgress,*,unsuback [Core] Unsubscribe Respond to a desubscription request
brokerPublishFromClient,*,req [Core] PublishToBroker Publish a message to the broker
snUnicastOutgress,*,puback [Core] PublishToBroker Send PUBACK to the sensor
snUnicastOutgress,*,register [Core] PublishToClient Register a topic at the sensor
snUnicastOutgress,*,publish [Core] PublishToClient Publish a message to the sensor
brokerPublishToClient,*,res [Core] PublishToClient Respond to publish request from the broker



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