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author mparaiso

license LGPL

nano templating for nodejs and the browser.

ShortCode allows javascript developpers to use a nano templating engine in their application.

In a cms for instance , a content field can support shortcodes and allow users to write complex content without knowing HTML ( integrate a video player in a page for instance), and without the app allowing the user to directly write HTML tags.


npm install mpm.shorcode


var shortcode = require('mpm.shortcode');
// you can pass a context to the shortcode, 
// which will be avaiable to each shortcode.
context = { name:'foo'};
var myShortCodes =  shortcode.create(context);
// let's define our first shortcode , that yields a video tag
var myShortCodes.add('video',function(attributes,content,context){
	return "<video src='"+attributes.src+"' >"+content+"</video>";
//debug mode
//a string will get evaluated
var string = "[video src='video.mp4']No video Support[/video]"
var result = myShortCodes.parse(string);
 * will yield : 
 * <video src='video.mp4'>No video Support</video>

Shortcodes can have closing tags or not :

  • [foo bar="baz"/]
  • [bar foo="fizz"]
  • [baz fizz="foo"] content [/baz]

are valid shortcodes.


  • shortcodes cannot be nested ( FOR NOW )