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Mozaïk value widgets

NPM version

Value widget for the Mozaïk dashboard framework.



Value Widget Configuration

Api Configuration

No API configuration is needed.

Dashboard Configuration

  // ... 
    type:               'value.value',
    title:              'Number of Likes',
    url:                '',
    pathCurrent:        '$.current', /* optional */
    pathLastUpdated:    '$.lastUpdated', /* optional */
    pathChangeRate:     '$.changeRate', /* optional */
    lastUpdatedFormat:  'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD', /* optional */
    lastUpdatedFromNow: true, /* optional */
    prefix:             '', /* optional */
    postfix:            ' likes', /* optional */
    columns: 2, rows: 1,
    x: 1, y: 0


key required description
url yes The URL to fetch the value
title yes The widget title
prefix no Prefix of the value
postfix no Postfix of the value
lastUpdatedFormat no Format of the 'lastUpdated' value (default 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD')
lastUpdatedFromNow no Whether to display the 'lastUpdated' value in "from now" format (default true)
pathCurrent no The JSON path to the 'current' value
pathLastUpdated no The JSON path to the 'lastUpdated' value
pathChangeRate no The JSON path to the 'changeRate' value