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Mozaïk Json2Table widgets

A widget for the Mozaïk dashboard framework that converts a JSON into a html table.



Json2Table Widget Configuration

Api Configuration

No API configuration is needed.

Json Format

            "Name": "Louise",
            "Age": "27",
            "Colour": "Red"
            "Name": "Margaret",
            "Age": "23",
            "Colour": "Blue"
            "Name": "Lisa",
            "Age": "34",
            "Colour": "Yellow"

Running tests

To execute the tests, run the following command:

npm test

Working Dashboard Configuration Example

  type:               'json2table.table',
  title:              'Example:',
  url:                '',
  columns: 1, rows: 4,
  x: 0, y: 0


key required description
url yes The URL to fetch the json
title yes The widget title