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Mozaïk image extension

Show image in a widget. Supports also refreshing the image in timely bases, making it handy for webcams, daily comics or kittens :)


Table of contents


  • Install extension: npm i -S mozaik-ext-image
  • Register widget: mozaik.addBatch('image', require('mozaik-ext-image'));
  • Add widget(s) in dashboard config.js (see Widget parameters)

Widget: image.image

Show the image in widget.


key required description
url yes URL to an image.
title no Title to show in widget. Defaults to URL
refreshInterval no Image refreshing interval in seconds (refreshing is done automatically by adding/incrementing counter attribute). Defaults to no refresh. Example: 30
backgroundSize no Image size (set as background image). Defaults to 'cover'
backgroundColor no Background color, handy with transparent images. Defaults to parent color
backgroundPosition no Background position, defaults to 'center center'


  type: 'image.image',
  title: 'My webcam',
  url: '',
  backgroundSize: 'cover',
  backgroundPosition: 'center -7vh',
  // Refresh every 30s 
  refreshInterval: 30,
  columns: 1, rows: 1,
  x: 0, y: 0


Distributed under the MIT license