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A platform built on node.js for developing lean, componential and highly scalable RESTful Hypermedia APIs


Moya is comprised of a variety of technologies that, together, address many major development concerns:

  • nconf - Configuration Management
  • restify - A RESTful API development module


Moya was developed to manage the core dependencies required to develop RESTful Hypermedia APIs. Because of this, moya makes if very easy to immediately begin developing your endpoints. Here's an example:

var moya = require('moya');
var nconf = moya.nconf;
var server = moya.createServer({
    name: 'moya-application'
server.get('/', function(req, res, next) {
    var entryPointResponse = {
        version : "0.0.0",
        _links : {
            self: { href: "/" },
            orders: { href: "/orders" }
        name : "my api entry point"
    return next();
server.listen(nconf.get('http:port'), '', function() {
    console.log('%s listening on %s',, server.url);

You would run the code above (assuming it was saved in a file called index.js) as follows:

node index.js

Note that the server is initiated to listen on a port that is being read externally:

server.listen(nconf.get('http:port'), ...

Moya is preconfigured to support external config files. Make a new file called app.conf.json with the following contents:

    "http": {
        "port": 8090

You can now pass your configuration files as command line arguments when starting your node application. This is customarily an essential step when configuring continuous integration:

node index.js --conf=app.conf.json

You application will now run on port 8090, as specified in the app.conf.json file supplied at the command line

Client SDK's

Various client sdk's are currently in development.