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    Moxie Checkout

    Moxie Checkout is a command line tool to make developing Moxie more easily. It will create a workspace with which to develop Moxie and manage individual modules on specific branches.


    $ npm install -g moxie-checkout


    $ mc [optional selectors]

    By default mc will clone and install moxie, then clone, install and link all dependencies of moxie that exist within the moxiesuite Github organization into a single workspace.

    Branch Selectors

    You can specify optional branch selectors when installing packages with Moxie Checkout.

    There are two types of selectors: recursive selectors and one-off selectors. Examples:

    1. Recursive selector. This will install moxie package and clone/install all relevant dependencies, switching both moxie and all dependencies to the develop branch.

      mc moxie:develop
    2. One-off selector. This will install the moxie-contract package and clone/all all relevant dependencies. Here, moxie-contract will be switched to the json-schema branch, but its dependencies will either be left alone (if already installed), or will default to the main branch of their repository, usually master.

      mc moxie-contract@json-schema

    You can also mix selectors. For instance, the following will install moxie and all of its dependencies at the develop branch, but leave moxie-contract at the json-schema branch:

    mc moxie:develop moxie-contract@json-schema


    npm i moxie-checkout

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