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    Moxci is a tool that will send notification to Pull Requests and Slack channel when a Pull Request is made. It will send the url of the CircleCI artifact.

    This repository is inspired by expo-qr-notify by @watanabeyu

    It can be used to send a link of latest storybook, or preview of your website built in the Pull Request.

    📦 Installation

    You can install moxci via npm or yarn

    npm install moxci


    yarn add -D moxci

    You can also run moxci in your CI wirhout installing the package by using npx. By using this, you will always be running the latest moxci package.

    npx moxci /path/to/artifact

    📖 Example

    In order to user moxci, you will need to set up a CircleCI project.

    In your Project Settings -> Environment Variables, enter your Circle CI API Token as CIRCLE_TOKEN, and Github API Token as GITHUB_TOKEN

    In your config.yml for CircleCI, add commands to specify the path that contains the artifact you'd like to notify.

    - store_artifacts:
        path: artifact
    - run:
        name: "Notify Artifact in Pull Request"
        command: npx moxci path/to/artifact

    When you send a Pull Request, the account tied to your GITHUB_TOKEN will send a link of the artifact.

    Slack Integration

    moxci can also notify your CircleCI artifact to your slack channel!

    Create an incoming webhook for your slack channel that you would like to notify.

    Add the webhook URL as SLACK_WEBHOOK in your environment variables in CircleCI Project Settings.

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    💚 Special Thanks

    Special Thanks to @Leko for the original PR notification script.




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