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Mowr 😺 makes using the Mongo client more comfy

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A very thin convenience wrapper for the Mongo client.


npm i mowr


const db = require('mowr')('localhost:27017/test', options)
const collection = db.get('collection')

const collection = require('mowr')('localhost/test', options).get('collection')

Supported calls

collection.find(query, options)    // returns array
collection.findc(query, options)   // returns cursor
collection.findOne(query, options) // returns object

collection.insert(object/array, options) // returns inserted object/array
collection.insertOne(object, options)    // returns inserted object
collection.insertMany(array, options)    // returns inserted array

collection.updateOne(query, update, options)  // -> {n: 1, nModified: 1, ok: 1}
collection.updateMany(query, update, options) // -> {n: 5, nModified: 5, ok: 1}
collection.replaceOne(query, update, options) // -> {n: 1, nModified: 1, ok: 1}

collection.deleteOne(query, options)  // -> {n: 1, ok: 1}
collection.deleteMany(query, options) // -> {n: 5, ok: 1}

collection.findOneAndUpdate(query, update, options)  // returns original document
collection.findOneAndReplace(query, update, options) // returns original document
collection.findOneAndDelete(query, options)          // returns deleted document

Options are always optional, and passed as object.

When connecting, 'mongodb://' is prepended if needed, and useUnifiedTopology is set to true (pass it as option to set it to false).

The query field can be an _id string (it will be converted to {_id: <ObjectID>}) or a query object.

Depending on if an object or array is passed in, insert will call insertOne or insertMany.

If an update object contains an _id property, even if nested, it will be removed.

When passing options using find, findc, findOne, make sure to use a query (can be {}).

Thanks to @fuzetsu for his invaluable help!

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