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A Node library that makes the interaction with V3 API easy.

This was originally a pull request that went stale, so it's its own package now. The original package developed by Dan Zajdband uses callbacks to handle the asynchronous nature of Node, while this package uses native Promises.

The main credit goes to the original moviedb package by Dan Zajdband.



npm install moviedb-promise --save


Require the module and instantiate the class with your API KEY.

const MovieDb = require('moviedb-promise')
const moviedb = new MovieDb('your api key')

async/await reminder

All functions return a Promise, which means that you can also use async/await. The caveat of using await when making function calls is that the await has to be within a function that has been declared async. Keep that in mind if you plan to use await.


// Using just the Promise
moviedb.searchMovie({ query: 'Alien' }).then(res => {
// Using await
// You probably wouldn't ever use it this way...
;(async function () {
  try {
    const res = await moviedb.searchMovie({ query: 'alien' })
  } catch (e) {
// This is a more reasonable example
const findMovie = async title => {
  const res = await moviedb.searchMovie({ query: title })
  return res
try {
  const results = findMovie('alien')
} catch (e) {
  // Do something


moviedb.movieInfo({ id: 666 }).then(res => {

Some endpoints, such as watchlist endpoints, have an optional account id parameter. If you have a session id, you don't need to provide that parameter.

// This is the same as calling it as
// moviedb.accountMovieWatchlist({ id: '{account_id}' })
moviedb.sessionId = 'my-cached-session-id'
moviedb.accountMovieWatchlist().then(res => {
  // Your watchlist items
// Creating a session id would look something like this
moviedb.requestToken().then(token => {
  // Now you need to visit this url to authorize
  const tokenUrl = `${token}`
// After that has been authorized, you can get the session id
moviedb.session().then(sessionId => {
  // Probably cache this id somewhere to avoid this workflow
  // After the sessionId is cached, the next time use instantiate the class,
  // set the sessionId by moviedb.sessionId = 'my-session-id'
  // This can be called now because sessionId is set
  moviedb.accountMovieWatchlist().then(res => {
    // Your watchlist items

Advanced use

The MovieDB constructor accepts 3 parameters:

const MovieDb = require('moviedb-promise')
const moviedb = new MovieDb(apiKey, useDefaultLimits, baseURL)

By default, moviedb-promise limits the requests you can send to 39 requests/10 seconds (this is the limit imposed by TheMovieDB). This way you won't have to deal with 429 errors.

If you want to implement your own request rate limiter, you can set useDefaultLimits to false when creating the moviedb instance.

Available methods

The Function column lists all the available functions in the class. The Endpoint column lists possible request parameters (placeholders prefixed with :) needed for the call. If the endpoint doesn't have any placeholders, check out the documentation for the query parameters you can use.


Function Endpoint
tvInfo tv/:id
// Two ways:
// The object key matches the placeholder name
moviedb.tvInfo({ id: 61888 }).then(...)
// Or for simplicity, if it only has one placeholder
Function Endpoint
searchMovie search/movie

There aren't any placeholders, but the documentation shows there are language, query, page, include_adult, region, year, and primary_release_year available to use. Each expects a certain data type or format, so check out the docs for the details.

const parameters = {
  query: 'Kindergarten Cop',
  language: 'fr' // ISO 639-1 code

Complete list

Function Endpoint
configuration configuration
find find/:id
searchMovie search/movie
searchTv search/tv
searchMulti search/multi
searchCollection search/collection
searchPerson search/person
searchList search/list
searchCompany search/company
searchKeyword search/keyword
collectionInfo collection/:id
collectionImages collection/:id/images
collectionTranslations collection/:id/translations
discoverMovie discover/movie
discoverTv discover/tv
movieInfo movie/:id
movieAlternativeTitles movie/:id/alternative_titles
movieCredits movie/:id/credits
movieExternalIds /movie/:id/external_ids
movieImages movie/:id/images
movieVideos movie/:id/videos
movieKeywords movie/:id/keywords
movieRecommendations movie/:id/recommendations
movieReleases movie/:id/releases
movieReleaseDates movie/:id/release_dates
movieTrailers movie/:id/trailers
movieTranslations movie/:id/translations
movieSimilar movie/:id/similar
movieReviews movie/:id/reviews
movieLists movie/:id/lists
movieChanges movie/:id/changes
movieRatingUpdate movie/:id/rating
tvInfo tv/:id
tvAlternativeTitles tv/:id/alternative_titles
tvContentRatings tv/:id/content_ratings
tvCredits tv/:id/credits
tvEpisodeGroups tv/:id/episode_groups
tvExternalIds tv/:id/external_ids
tvImages tv/:id/images
tvKeywords tv/:id/keywords
tvVideos tv/:id/videos
tvScreenedTheatrically tv/:id/screened_theatrically
tvReviews tv/:id/reviews
tvSimilar tv/:id/similar
tvTranslations tv/:id/translations
tvSeasonInfo tv/:id/season/:season_number
tvSeasonCredits tv/:id/season/:season_number/credits
tvSeasonVideos tv/:id/season/:season_number/videos
tvSeasonExternalIds tv/:id/season/:season_number/external_ids
tvSeasonImages tv/:id/season/:season_number/images
tvEpisodeInfo tv/:id/season/:season_number/episode/:episode_number
tvEpisodeCredits tv/:id/season/:season_number/episode/:episode_number/credits
tvEpisodeExternalIds tv/:id/season/:season_number/episode/:episode_number/external_ids
tvEpisodeImages tv/:id/season/:season_number/episode/:episode_number/images
tvOnTheAir tv/on_the_air
tvAiringToday tv/airing_today
tvRecommendations tv/:id/recommendations
tvChanges tv/:id/changes
tvRatingUpdate tv/:id/rating
personInfo person/:id
personChanges person/:id/changes
personMovieCredits person/:id/movie_credits
personTvCredits person/:id/tv_credits
personCombinedCredits person/:id/combined_credits
personExternalIds person/:id/external_ids
personImages person/:id/images
personTaggedImages person/:id/tagged_images
personTranslations person/:id/translations
personLatest person/latest
personPopular person/popular
creditInfo credit/:id
listInfo list/:id
genreMovieList genre/movie/list
genreTvList genre/tv/list
keywordInfo keyword/:id
keywordMovies keyword/:id/movies
companyInfo company/:id
companyAlternativeNames company/:id/alternative_names
companyImages company/:id/images
accountInfo account
accountLists account/:id/lists
accountFavoriteMovies account/:id/favorite/movies
accountFavoriteUpdate account/:id/favorite
accountRatedMovies account/:id/rated/movies
accountMovieWatchlist account/:id/watchlist/movies
accountTvWatchlist account/:id/watchlist/tv
accountWatchlistUpdate account/:id/watchlist
accountRatedTv account/:id/rated/tv
accountRatedTvEpisodes account/:id/rated/tv/episodes
accountFavoriteTv account/:id/favorite/tv
miscLatestMovies movie/latest
miscNowPlayingMovies movie/now_playing
miscPopularMovies movie/popular
miscTopRatedMovies movie/top_rated
miscUpcomingMovies movie/upcoming
miscChangedMovies movie/changes
miscChangedTvs tv/changes
miscChangedPeople person/changes
miscLatestTvs tv/latest
miscPopularTvs tv/popular
miscTopRatedTvs tv/top_rated
requestToken authentication/token/new
session authentication/session/new

Method Options

You can set additional settings for each method call by specifying the desired property on the options object parameter.

Support for append_to_response

The movieInfo, tvInfo, tvSeasonInfo, tvEpisodeInfo and personInfo methods support an option to specify the TMDB API's append_to_response query parameter. This makes it possible to make sub requests within the same namespace in a single HTTP request. Each request will get appended to the response as a new JSON object.

const res = await api.tvInfo(4629, { append_to_response: 'season/1,season/1/credits' })

Request Timeouts

To specify something other than the default timeout for a method call's request, specify the timeout property of the options object. The timeout property object is the shape of a standard superagent timeout object.

const res = await api.tvInfo(4629, { timeout: { response: 10000, deadline: 30000 } });

or when combining multiple options append_to_response is desired:

const res = await api.tvInfo(
    append_to_response: 'season/1,season/1/credits',
    timeout: { response: 10000, deadline: 30000 }


First, thanks for taking the time!

Second, before submitting a pull request, make sure to run npm run test to make sure the tests pass and npm run lint to fix any code style errors.

If you make any endpoint changes, you can run npm run table to generate the markdown table for the readme.




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