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This module takes files from one place and moves (copies) them into another place.


npm install mover

To use mover, you need to setup a moving plan. This is basically just an object that maps input files to output locations. Here's there plan that I used to test everything:

var plan = {
    "folder1": {
        "folder2": {
            files: [
            "folder3" : {
                files: [
} // end plan
exports.plan = plan;

This plan takes the files 'LICENSE', 'mover.js', and 'package.json' and moves them into some new folders. The plan's purpose is to create a simple way to define a folder structure and map sources to destinations.

NOTE: You can only move an input file to one output location. The plan will choose the last output location it encounters for a given input file.

Once you've constructed a plan, you can start moving files around. Here's an exapmle of typical usage

var plan = require("./movingPlan").plan,
    mover = require("mover").createMover();
// Setup our mover
mover.setPlan( plan, false ); // Use absolute paths
mover.setSrc( process.cwd() ); // Set our source folder (defaults to process.cwd())
mover.setDest( process.cwd() ); // Set our destination folder (defaults to process.cwd())
mover.move( function() {
    console.log( "All moved in" );

Try running "node test.js" inside the project directory. It will create some folders and copy some stuff around.