Takes files from one place and puts them in another place

This module takes files from one place and moves (copies) them into another place.


npm install mover

To use mover, you need to setup a moving plan. This is basically just an object that maps input files to output locations. Here's there plan that I used to test everything:

var plan = {
    "depth1": {
        "depth2": {
            files: [
            "depth3" : {
                files: [
} // end plan
exports.plan = plan;

This plan takes the files 'LICENSE', 'mover.js', and 'package.json' and moves them into some new folders. The plan's purpose is to create a simple way to define a folder structure and map sources to destinations.

NOTE: You can only move an input file to one output location. The plan will choose the last output location it encounters for a given input file.

Once you've constructed a plan, you can start moving files around. Here's an exapmle of typical usage

var plan = require("./testplan").plan,
    mover = require("./mover").createMover();
// Set our mover's plan using relative input paths (the second argument)
mover.setPlan( plan, true );
// Do all the moving

Try running "node test.js" inside the project directory to test things out :)