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Consistent cross browser mouse wheel events. Test it out in your browser here.


require('mouse-wheel')(function(dx, dy) {
  document.body.innerHTML = '<p>Scroll:' + [dx,dy] + '</p>'


npm i mouse-wheel


require('mouse-wheel')(element, callback, noScroll)

Hook an event handler for the mouse wheel on element.

  • element is an optional DOM element, or if unspecified then is the window object.
  • callback(dx, dy, dz, ev) is called whenever the mouse scrolls
    • dx, dy, dz is the amount of scrolling vertically, horizontally and depth-wise in pixels
    • ev is the MouseEvent object associated with the event
  • noScroll is an optional flag, which if set disables scrolling the page

Returns listener function listener so that it may be detached later with element.removeEventListener('wheel', listener)


(c) 2015 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License