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A simple CLI for running React projects.

For questions and support please visit the Slack community!

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npm install -g motion

Using the CLI

To create a new project:

motion new appname

To migrate an existing project, inside the dir:

motion init

To start your apps

cd app

To build your production bundle:

motion build


Motion is a lightweight CLI for running any javascript. No configuration to mess with by default, yet completely flexible access to customize your plugins.

Comes with:

  • Hot reloads - Hot reloads come out of the box, powered by pundle
  • Automatic NPM installs - typing an import installs packages and works with HMR
  • Cached startup for really fast resuming of development


Using a .motion.js file in your app root:

  "babel": {
    "plugins": [
    "presets": [
  "pathType": "filePath",
  "webServerPort": 4444,
  "saveNpmModules": true,
  "bundleDirectory": ".",
  "publicDirectory": "./public"
  • pathType: "filePath" | "number" Use number to mimic production build short paths in your build.
  • bundleDirectory: string Entry directory to your app (looks for index.js file there)
  • publicDirectory: string Entry to your static assets (looks for index.html there)

Customize your package.json to use motion:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "motion",
    "build": "motion build"

The default babel settings, babel-preset-motion:

  "presets": [
  "plugins": [

Project structure

Motion apps are kept very simple on purpose. This allows motion to be lightweight, which lets you plug motion apps into bigger apps easily. By default you just need:


You can see an example of the initial structure by running motion new app.

Running linting, flow, tests

Motion is not opinionated on these but also doesn't get in your way. You can easily drop in an eslint file, flow config, and test suite of your choosing. An example of a more mature starting point that uses motion, flow, eslint and lerna is right here.

More information

Motion uses pundle behind the scenes to provide lightning fast hot module reloads and a nice foundation for adding really advancted features. Read more about pundle here.


Clone the repo and run these two commands for initial setup

 $ npm install
 $ npm run bootstrap

Then run either the watch or the compile npm scripts depending on the occasion.

After running those for the first time, make sure to link in the cli by running cd packages/motion; npm link. You can then use the motion cli (presuming you've added npm bin path to your PATH env var).


This project is licensed under the terms of MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more info.




npm i motion

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