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Limit grunt output to nothing, dots, or very deliberate output if everything goes well. On error print dump everything.

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The Problem

The default output from Grunt is more verbose than I would like. During a good build, I would prefer to silence all output except for a test report summary at the end.

Like this module's ancestor, quiet-grunt, this will suppress most of the grunt output on a good build. It offers a caller two features that quiet-grunt does not:

  • an option to not even show a dot on every message
  • a special exposed routine which allows one to bypass the output suppression.

If there is an error, the entire output will be dumped.


npm install  --save-dev mostly-quiet-grunt


Once the module has been installed, require it at the beginning of the gruntfile.

const controller = require('mostly-quiet-grunt');

module.exports = function (grunt) {
   controller.passthroughWrite('Show this during the run of grunt.');

If an option --no-quiet, --verbose, --noq, -v or the command watch is provided, then this will not be turned on.

What it does

When this module is invoked, if none of the options mentioned above are used, then it will replace the process.stdout.write(message) routine with a function that stores the message. When the process then starts to exit(), if the exit code is not 0, then write the accumulated messages.

If the controller.passthroughWrite(message) function is called, this will bypass the storing process. If controller.showDots(true|false) is called, write (or, if false, don't write) a period character each time process.stdout.write(message) is called.

Small print

Author: 柏大衛 © 2017

This is a fork of bahmutov/quiet-grunt. You should use that module unless you particularly want the "nothing" or the "very deliberate outout" this offers.

License: MIT - do anything with the code, but don't blame me if it does not work.

Support: if you find any problems with this module, open an issue on Github.

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