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A beautifully simple editor for Markdown documents


Morkdown is primarily designed to render GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM), so it's ideal for your When rendering the Markdown, it uses the same syntax highlighter as GitHub (the Python Pygments library) and the styling is near identical to GitHub. Markdown content is parsed using marked, a JavaScript Markdown parser capable of parsing GFM.


Morkdown editing the LevelUP README

Morkdown is a Google Chrome App coupled to a Node server and uses CodeMirror for the editor panel.

GFM you say?

Morkdown editing the LevelUP README with the "monokai" theme

Morkdown will automatically save your document as you edit it.


Morkdown is packaged with the standard CodeMirror themes, you can switch to a different theme with the --theme <themename> commandline argument:

  • ambiance
  • ambiance-mobile
  • blackboard
  • cobalt
  • eclipse
  • elegant
  • erlang-dark
  • lesser-dark
  • midnight
  • monokai
  • neat
  • night
  • rubyblue
  • solarized
  • twilight
  • vibrant-ink
  • xq-dark
  • xq-light

The default theme is neat but you can set your own default theme by saving a JSON file in your home directory named .morkdownrc with the following content: { "theme": "themename" }. (My theme of choice is monokai).

Installing & Using

You'll need Google Chrome of course, plus you'll need a python interpreter on your system to get the syntax highlighting working—which should be fine for Linux and Mac users. Getting it running on Windows might be a little tricky (but presumably not impossible!).

You can install from npm, the Node.js package manager, with npm install -g morkdown (you may need to sudo that depending on your setup). Once installed you can simply run the morkdown <path to> command and you're away!

If you want to use an editor of your choice, launch morkdown with a watch flag, e.g. morkdown -w <path to> and morkdown will re-render the output in the browser when the file is saved locally.


morkdown is brought to you by the following hackers:

Licence & Copyright

Morkdown is Copyright (c) 2013 Rod Vagg <@rvagg> and licenced under the MIT licence. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved. See the included LICENSE file for more details.

Morkdown contains remnants of me, which is Copyright (c) 2013 Julian Gruber and licenced under the MIT licence.rubyblue.css



npm i morkdown

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