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MooTools Microsites

This app will eventually serve the microsites for the MooTools Projects like prime, elements, mootools-core and others.

This is a subproject of the MooTools Website Project


$ git clone git://
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ npm install
$ node build/docs.js prime
$ node build/docs.js elements
$ node app

Like to help?

  • We need all websites for all projects, it needs to be easy, fast and done well.
  • Like to work with cool techniques like node, express, jade and stylus?
  • We also need great content and documentation.
  • All pages and navigation need to be fixed
  • Homepage needs to be transformed into html/css according to the design
  • Styling for different projects according designs
  • Adding sites for other projects: wrapup, moofx, agent
  • Integrate the wrapup-webbuilder better
  • Search (Lucene with node?)
  • Overall polish
  • So fork and send pull requests!


$ NODE_ENV=production node app