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MoonwalkerSwap Token Lists

This repo contains main MoonwalkerSwap token list and tools to validate it.

How to add external lists

URLs to external lists are stored in token-lists.json, if you want your list to be available on upcoming list UI page - submit a PR modifying token-lists.json.

How to add new lists within this repository

  • Add an array of tokens under src/tokens
  • Add checksum:newlistname, generate:newlistname, makelist:newlistname command to package.json analogous to MoonwalkerSwap default scripts.
  • Modify checksum.ts, buildList.ts, ci-check.ts, and default.test.ts to handle new list

How to add new tokens to MoonwalkerSwap token list

Note - this is not something we expect pull requests for.
Unless you've been specifically asked by someone from PCS team please do no submit PRs to be listed on default MWS list. You can still trade your tokens on MWS exchange by pasting your address into the token field.

  • Add new tokens to src/tokens/moonwalkerswap-extended.json file
  • Run yarn makelist:mws-extended
    • By default new list will have patch version number bumped by 1 (e.g. 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2).
    • If you want to bump minor version add minor after makelist command yarn makelist:pcs-extended minor
    • If you want to bump major version add major after makelist command yarn makelist:pcs-extended major
  • If tests pass - new token list will be created under lists directory

For list to be considered valid it need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • It passes token list schema validation (schema is slightly modified)
  • There are no duplicate addresses, symbols or token names in the list
  • All addresses are valid and checksummed (yarn checksum:pcs automatically converts addresses to checksummed versions, it is also part of yarn makelist:pcs)


Token lists will be auto-deployed via netlify when PR is merged to master. Be sure to build the list with yarn makelist:list-name before submitting/merging the PR since it doesn't make much sense building lists within Netlify (because most errors are related to wrong token information and should be fixed prior to landing into master)

Netlify simply takes the json files under lists directory and hosts them on

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