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A minimal, blazing fast UI library.

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  • 🎉 Small file size (6kb minified + gzip)
  • ⚡️ Blazing fast performance
  • 🚀 Intuitive, easy-to-learn API
  • 💎 Powerful directives
  • 🔨 Compose with Components

What is it?

Moon is a simple front end javascript library heavily inspired by Vue. The library is fast, flexible, and easy to learn. Check out the Medium Article on the motivations for making this.


  • moon-cli - scaffold a feature rich Moon project
  • 🚩 moon-router - fast router plugin for components
  • 📋 monx - clean state management
  • 🌎 moon-ssr - universal server-side rendering
  • 📊 moon-bars - beautiful bar graph component

Another library?

There have been a lot of libraries released. Moon has been being developed since late 2015. Most libraries are bloated, with a large API and file size, leading to applications becoming slower, and less mobile friendly.

Moon differs from the existing solutions by providing a faster, yet compact library with a simple but powerful API. It uses a virtual DOM system similar to React, but includes advanced optimizations crafted specifically for Moon, similar to the Glimmer engine by the Ember team. In a variety of benchmarks, Moon has proven itself to be the fastest UI library out there.

Still, you do not have to use Moon if you are happy with your current solution, or if you have already started. If you are creating something new or would like to use it for the performance gains and intuitive API, feel free to use Moon.


See the website.

How to Contribute?

Check the CONTRIBUTING file for more information about this project and how to help.


Licensed under the MIT License by Kabir Shah

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