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A visualization framework for D3.js and SVG. Ships with prebuilt charts and components.

Preview Notice

This code is currently in active development, but the code base is stabilizing. The API is still subject to change before a formal release occurs.

Chart Types


  • Standard with vertical and horizontal. Has support for positive and negative values.
  • Grouped & Stacked with vertical and horizontal.
  • Span with vertical and horizontal. Provides base for Waterfall, Gantt, and related charts.


  • Common line chart
  • Area chart
  • Sparkline


  • Commmon scatterplot


  • Pie
  • Donut
  • Polar Area
  • Gauge


  • Common radar chart

Icon Array

  • Icons from D3 Symbols
  • SVG use path from defs
  • SVG use external file.


Use the base classes Chart, AxesChart, and PolarChart to build custom charts that leverage the options, lifecycle events, and extensions built into Monte. Or extend


Extensions extend the behavior of a chart. Extensions are driven by chart lifecycle events and stay up-to-date as the chart updates primarily with the updated and boundsUpdated events though all events can be bound.

Extension Types

  • Arc: Draws an arbitrary Arc. Useful for arc fills on gauges, multilevel donuts, etc...
  • Axis Label Truncate: Limits size of axis tick labels.
  • Axis Label Wrap: Wraps labels at a given width.
  • Axis Tick Transform: Controls translation, rotation, and other transforms for axis tick lavels.
  • Bar Bg: Draws background rectangles on bar charts. Useful for comparing previous values or goals.
  • Crosshair: Connects a point to the edges of a chart with reference lines. Helps map points to specific axes values.
  • Grid: Draws a grid that lines up with Axes tick marks.
  • Horizontal Lines: Special case of Grid that draws only horizontal lines.
  • Label: Creates an arbitrary that can be data bound. Includes features such as "max width" that will automatically scale font sizes to fit.
  • Polar Grid: Creates a series of arcs (in the simplest case circle, but arbitrary angles can be used) at the specified distances.
  • Polar Line: Draws a line based on given inner and outer radii for a particular angle.
  • Polar Ticks: Like polar line, but draws a series of lines at a given interval.
  • Reference Line: Draws a line given two coordinates and places a corresponding label.
  • Selection Rect: Implements the D3 brushing technique for selecting areas of a chart. Can be restricted to X or Y axes; otherwise XY selection is allowed.
  • Vertical Lines: Special case of Grid that draws only vertical lines.


MIT. See LICENSE for details.


Yellow Tugboat. Copyright © 2016-2017.


npm i monte

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