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Node socket server wrapper.

Like the left brow sometimes needs to converse with the right, Monobrow aims to serve the same purpose for different technologies. It provides a simple, abstracted, messaging protocol that makes it easy to message from one language/platform to another.

If you're interested their are a number of clients for other languages including:

  1. Objective-C
  • JavaScript (Web)
  • ActionScript (Flex/Flash)

You can see all of these as well as planned future clients at

[project-directory] $ npm install monobrow-server --save
var Server = require("monobrow-server").Server;
var server = new Server({
	whitelist: [""]
  1. running - The server is running on the specified host and port.
  • stopped - The server has stopped with or without an error.

There are four events emitted for a server instance. stageChange, clientDidConnect and clientDidDisconnect, clientWasRejected. These can be accessed as such:

	if(state === Server.RUNNING) {
		console.log("Server is running at " + server.address);

Examples available at

Full API documentation is available after a build:

[project-directory] $ cd node_modules/monobrow-server/build
[build] $ grunt
[build] $ cd ../docs
[docs] $ open index.html