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Client-side wrapper for accessing the API.

A client-side wrapper for the API.

npm install monitly

var monitly = require('monitly')({
  host: 'host',
  user: 'user',
  pass: 'pass',
  customerId: '123'
monitly.checks.list(function(err, checks) {
  // ... 
  • checks

    • .create(data, callback)
    • .list(callback)
    • .retrieve(id, callback)
    • .update(id, data, callback)
    • .subscribe(id, callback)
  • events

    • .create(check_id, data, callback)
    • .list(check_id, callback)

Fork this repo, commit your changes and ensure the lint and test steps before submitting a pull request by running the following:

$ npm run-script lint
$ npm test
            0. You just DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT.