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Mongoose Watch

This plugin has the capacity to generate queries in a certain time. This is to avoid using the "cappde" mongo while having certain documents, according as they changed, all based on dates.

So you will have control of a "real-time", but is the closest thing you can do.

Note: Do not use with .stream()


You need

  • Nodejs
  • Npm
npm install mongosee-watch


In your model

var mongoseeWatch = require('mongosee-watch');
var Player = new Schema({ ... });
Player.plugin( mongoseeWatch( "inLast" ) );

We build a query in mongoose, and give one or two parameters a watch.

var Query =  Player.find().where()...;
var watchPlayers = 'inLast', new Date() );
var player = 0;
watchPlayers.start(function (err, doc){
    if(err) return console.log(err);
    players = docs.length;
    if(players === 10 ) watchPlayers.stop();

Can modify parameters such as

  • the time the function returns.
  • Date query

Also you can build asynchronously

var Query = Player.find().where()...;
var player = 0; 'inLast', function (err, timer){
    console.log("Start watch! ");
    timer.start(1200, function (err, doc){
        if(err) return console.log(err);
        players = docs.length;
        if(players === 10 ) timer.stop();