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Is a mongoose plugin that automatically keeps track of when the document has been created, updated and optionally when some fields have been modified

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npm install mongoose-trackable


// see examples/track_model.js 
var OrderSchema = new mongoose.Schema({products: Array}).plugin(trackable)
var Order = mongoose.model('Order', OrderSchema)
Order.create({products: ['apple']}, function(err, order) {
  // order now has createdAt and updatedAt fields 
  order.products.push('cucumber'), order) {
    // updatedAt has been updated with the last save 

Order is a trackable model, by default a trackable model will track the creation time in the createdAt field and last update time in the updatedAt field

Moreover you can keep track of all the changes of a certain field using the option fieldsToTrack

// see examples/track_field.js 
var OrderSchema = new mongoose.Schema({products: Array, status: String})
  .plugin(trackable, {fieldsToTrack: ['status']})
var Order = mongoose.model('Order', OrderSchema)
Order.create({status: 'placed', products: ['apple', 'cucumber']}, function(err, order) {
  // order now has __updates field that contains something like 
  // [ 
  //    {"field":"status","changedTo":"placed","at":"2014-01-18T13:51:04.780Z"} 
  // ] 
  order.status = 'shipped', order) {
    // now __updates contains also the last status update 
    // [ 
    //    {"field":"status","changedTo":"placed","at":"2014-01-18T13:51:04.780Z"}, 
    //    {"field":"status","changedTo":"shipped","at":"2014-01-18T13:51:04.808Z"} 
    // ] 

For more options and more use cases see spec/acceptance.js


  • more and better documentation
  • skiptToTrackDocumentUpdates vs skipToTrackFieldsUpdates