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Mongoose plugin for counting references to particular objects in collection


This mongoose plugin allows to keep track of number of references to a particular object in certain collection.

var refCount = require('mongoose-reference-count');
var mongoose = require('mongoose');
// define our schema 
var Schema = {
    name: String,
    address: String,
    dateOfBirth: Date
// adding plugin to schema 
var Person = mongoose.model('Person', Schema);
var newGuy = new Person({name: 'Azamat', address: 'Sesame street', dateOfBirth: new Date(91,1,1)});;

Now let's make some queries to Person with Schema schema

Person.findOne((name: 'Azamat')function(err, data) {
  if (err){
  //some additional work 

This plugin does two things:

  1. adds hits attribute to schema
  2. adds post middleware for findOne() method on requested model

The following will be printed

  _id: someID,
  name: 'Azamat',
  address: 'Sesame street',
  dateOfBirth: 'Jan-1-1991',
  hits: 1


  • add reference count when object is retrieved with find() method along with other objects.