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    Mongoose OS Installer

    Nodejs Wrapper for Mongoose-OS 🎁 📦 🎉.

    npm install -g mongoose-os

    Use the Mongoose OS tool's commands 🙃

    Mongoose OS docs

    $ mos --help

    Set port to use:

    export MOS_PORT=YOUR_SERIAL_PORT # E.g. /dev/ttyUSB0

    Usage: mos <command>


    ui Start GUI

    init Initialise firmware directory structure in the current directory

    build Build a firmware from the sources located in the current directory

    flash Flash firmware to the device

    flash-read Read a region of flash

    console Simple serial port console

    ls List files at the local device's filesystem

    get Read file from the local device's filesystem and print to stdout

    put Put file from the host machine to the local device's filesystem

    rm Delete a file from the device's filesystem

    config-get Get config value from the locally attached device

    config-set Set config value at the locally attached device

    call Perform a device API call. "mos call RPC.List" shows available methods

    aws-iot-setup Provision the device for AWS IoT cloud

    update Self-update mos tool wifi Setup WiFi - shortcut to config-set wifi...

    Global Flags:

    --verbose Verbose output. Optional, default value: "false"

    --logtostderr log to standard error instead of files. Optional, default value: "false"`


    npm i mongoose-os

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