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A mongoose plugin to help safely perform mass assignments from web input

This plugin provides two functions called #massAssign to your models. One static and one instance. You can use these to protect specific fields from web input. The plugin adds the schematype option 'protect' so you don't have to write any filtering code.

You can also get direct access to the filtering mechanism through the static massUpdate.

npm install mongoose-mass-assign

Current version 0.3.0


var massAssign = require('mongoose-mass-assign');
var UserSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  name      : String,
  admin     : { type: Boolean, protect: true, default: false },
  verified  : { type: Boolean, protect: true, default: false }
var User = mongoose.model('User', UserSchema);


/** Static method, useful for creation **/
var user = User.massAssign({
  name: 'bhelx',
  admin: true
// user => { name: 'bhelx', admin: false, verified: false } 
/** Instance method, useful for updating  **/
var user = new User;
  name: 'bhelx',
  admin: true
// user => { name: 'bhelx', admin: false, verified: false } 
/** Static massUpdate method **/
var input = { name: 'bhelx', admin: 'true' };
User.update({ '_id': someId }, { $set: User.massUpdate(input) }, console.log);

For more details see test.js

npm install
make test