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An easy way to process large document sets with mongoose.

If you have ever tried to run some migration operation on a few million documents, you have probably run into problems with either memory usage or parallelization.

Faucet helps by iterating your mongoose model in a throttled way so all you have to worry about is your single update


npm install mongoose-faucet


faucet = require "mongoose-faucet"
faucet MongooseModel, query, processingFunction, [options], cb


  • query is a json mongo query
  • processingFunction is a function that takes a document and a callback

options is an optional parameter hash that defines a few things, here are the defaults

  "concurrency" : 100, // Default: 100. The number of concurrent updates that can run
  "snapshot": true, // Default: true. Run a snapshot query, this is often neccesary as iterating over a cursor can present the same document multiple times.
  "lean" : false // Default: false. Lean your mongoose documents
  "batch" : 1000 // If batch is defined, processingFunction will be passed an array of size "batch" instead of a single item