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mongoose-autoincr-base36 - autoincrement base36 support for Mongoose

This is a plugin for Mongoose to have an extra url_id number attribute that autoincrements.

The url_id is to be used for URL shortening, and is a base 36 number (alphanumeric).

This plugin will also create an extra table counters or named by you to keep track of the counters across all tables.


npm install mongoose-autoincr-base36

Using the plugin

First, you have to make sure that you initialize the plugin first.

var mongoose = require("mongoose");
  , mongooseIncr = require("mongoose-autoincr-base36");

var db = mongoose.createConnection("mongodb://localhost/test");
mongooseIncr.loadAutoIncr(db); // Pass the Mongoose Connection

Now, when you define your schema, make sure you include the plugin:

var UserSchema = new Schema({
    username: String

UserSchema.plugin(mongooseIncr.plugin, {modelName: 'User'});

Public Methods

  • loadAutoIncr({counterName: name}): counterName is optional, default as counters, this is the table name that is created to store counters for different tables.

  • plugin({modelName: name}): modelName is required, this is used to store in the field of the counters table. Make sure that it is unique.


To run tests: mocha test


MIT License


Chris Baik



Forked from

Teng Siong Ong