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What is it?

mongocon enhances the default node REPL with preloading of mongoose models and ability to capture data from async callbacks. It also is able to persist a history of previously run commands in a ~/.node_history file.

How do I use it?

Install with npm install mongocon

In a file of your choosing, simply require mongocon and call start. The start method has the following signature:

// modelsPath - path of all mongoose models to be required 
// persistHistory - should command history be persisted to a file? 
function start(modelsPath, persistHistory)

Example file:

var mongocon = require("mongocon");
// start the mongo console, loading models from the "models" folder and persisting the command history 
mongocon.start(__dirname + "/models", true);

Now in the repl, your models are available to be used. A special $cb function is also defined which will help in displaying and interrogating results from an async callback.

For example:

User.find({}, $cb);

As soon as the query results are available, the $cb callback will be executed and printed to the screen. The repl's standard variable _ will then reference the last received results, while _e will reference the last error.


mongooser for the inspiration.