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    mongo-table-admin (MTA)

    Admin interface for mongo. Work with documents as table rows. Integrates Handsontable - great inline edit tool, and Pivottable - data discovery and analisys tool.

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    For me, data collection is usually not just a valid json. You can say I'm an old style, but I'd like to understand data structure, trends, clusters etc. Thats what pivot is about. And second thing, I like to fix data easyly when I see small problems. Not like a SQL query, but inlide edit - just like Excel table.

    If you are looking for a full featured mongo admin, please check:

    Rememeber to always back up important data. Everybody can sometimes unintentionally break something.


    try demo on heroku (give it a moment to wake up)
    Don't have local mongodb or one with secure url access? Get 500MB free on mLabs


    • Inline edit using Handsontable. Add new rows. Delete rows. Add or modify columns.
    • Browse, analyze documents using Pivottable - group by rows, columns. Build graphs, export small datasets.
    • Query documents using JSON or new Visual Query Editor. Count before loading data. Manage projection and limit.
    • Use goodies like run sync function on every document, find dupes or group count.
    • Create new collection copy-pasting data from any source. Set data type - Number, Boolean, Array, Object, Date. String is by default.
    • Import data from xls, xlsx, csv, json, and those zipped.
    • Manage indexes, browse or edit collection schema.


    git clone && cd mongo-table-admin
    npm start


    ip control by setting list of IPs in MTA_IPS environment variable
    export MTA_IPS=


    add rows (localhost:12369/create) example on youtube:

    add rows

    browse data (localhost:12369) example on youtube:

    add rows

    inline edit data (localhost:12369) example on youtube:

    add rows


    • [*] multiple times faster saving and deleting using concurrent requests and grouping
    • [*] use Visual QueryBuilder to build queries
    • [*] use ace editor for json edit
    • [*] set projection and limit for query
    • [*] add/delete multiple fields at once
    • [*] refactor schema management
    • select whether to run function for the whole collection or based on query
    • refactor "create" view


    • connection string should match "mongodb://:@:/"
    • documents must have an "_id" property which should be a string, integer or MongoDB ObjectId

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    npm i mongo-table-admin

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