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    Creates mongo database host with an optional backup container


    $ npm install -g mongo-rs

    Creating mongo database host

    Orchestrate a new mongo host that will have a running mongo instance and a backup container. The backup container is optional.

    Create services

    To create the docker containers run the following command and complete the prompts.

    $ mongo-rs up

    Once the services have been created the next steps are to initialize the replica set, and then add the admin user. Once those steps are completed, the ability to add members to the replica set will be available.

    Create mongo admin user

    The admin user credentials are populated into the initMongoUser.js. The mongo admin user can be created after the mongo-rs up command has ran successfully.

    $ docker exec -it mongo mongo /opt/conf/initMongoUser.js

    Replica sets

    Initializing replica set

    $ docker exec -it mongo mongo /opt/conf/initRS.js

    Add Members to Replica Set

    $ docker exec -it mongo mongo
    > use admin
    > db.auth(<username>, <password>)
    > rs.add({ host: "<ip>:27017", priority: 0, arbiterOnly: false }) # This will add a secondary
    > rs.addArb("<ip>:27017") # This will add an arbiter

    Manual docker-compose actions

    After all of the services have been created, the manual docker-compose commands can be used.

    Starting docker-compose project

    To manually start the docker-compose project run the command

    $ docker-compose \
      --file /opt/conf/{{install}}/docker-compose.yml \
      --project-name mongo-rs \
      up -d --no-build

    The install variable will be the same when prompted for the install name

    Stoping docker-compose project

    $ docker-compose \
      --file /opt/conf/{{install}}/docker-compose.yml \
      --project-name mongo-rs \

    Restarting docker-compose project

    $ docker-compose \
      --file /opt/conf/{{install}}/docker-compose.yml \
      --project-name mongo-rs \


    npm i mongo-rs

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