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Component that implements the complete MongoDB query JSON API to operate on individual documents.


var query = require('mongo-query');
// our sample document 
var obj = {
  name: 'Tobi',
  age: 8,
  location: { country: 'Canada', zip: 123 }
  likes: [{ id: 1, name: 'Food' }, { id: 2, name: 'Stuff' }]
// run an operation and get changes 
var changes = query(obj, { $set: { '': 'US' } });


  • Transactional. If an op fails, the others are rolled back.
  • Precise modification logs. Ops return an array of change objects.
    • Noops are excluded.
    • Before/after values are provided.
    • Whether the op triggered the creation of a new array.
  • Error messages almost exactly match MongoDB's.
  • Query support. Allows for support of the positional operator.
  • Wide test coverage.


query(obj, filter, modifier, opts)

  • Executes the modifier on obj provided they match filter.
  • Returns an array of change objects (see below). If the modifier does not alter the object the array will be empty.
  • Options:
    • strict if true, only modifies if filter has a match (false).


Returns a Query object to perform tests on.

Example: query.filter({ a: { $gt: 3 } }).test({ a: 1 }). For the complete filter API refer to filtr.

query.get(obj, key)

Gets the key from the given obj, which can use dot notation.

Example: query.get(obj, 'some.key').

query.set(obj, key, val)

Sets the key on obj with the given val. Key can use dot notation.


All change objects contain:

  • key: the key that was affected. If the positional operator was used, the key is rewritten with dot notation (eg:
  • op: the type of operation that was performed

Depending on the type of operation they can contain extra fields.


  • value that we set


  • value value that we increment by


  • value value that was popped
  • shift if true, it was a shift instead of a pop


  • value new name


  • value value that was pushed


  • value array of values that were pushed


  • value array of values that were pulled


  • value array of values that were pulled


  • value (undefined)


  • value array of values that were added