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mongo-purge is a CLI utility for purging documents from a MongoDB collection. It is intended to be used in cron jobs to keep collections of temporary documents clean of stale documents.


$ mongo-purge --uri mongodb:// \
  --collection a_collection \
  --credentials ./creds.json \
  --older-than $(date -v-5M +'%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ')
STATUS: ok: yes, deleted: 10
$ # documents created prior to 5 minutes ago have been removed, total: 10 documents

Currently, the only supported purge method is to purge documents older than a specified date and time.


npm install -g mongo-purge


mongo-purge requires the following parameters to be used:

  • --uri <string>: a fully qualified URI to a MongoDB database.
  • --collection <string>: the name of the collection within the database to target
  • --older-than <string>: an ISO-8601 format date and time to use as the cutoff, e.g. '2016-11-22T14:00:00Z'

Optionally, the following parameter can also be supplied:

  • --credentials <string>: a path to a JSON document containing the credentials to the database. A credentials document looks like:

      "username": "a-user",
      "password": "his-password"

    Clearly, this document should have appropriate permissions set; typically 0640.


MIT License