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A node.js module that both creates a MongoDB collection of US postal codes and provides geo-spatial searching on them given a source zipcode and radius. Based on the Geonames database which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


Copyright (c) 2012 Chris Bumgardner and Misha Bosin

This content is released under the MIT License here

Download Geonames Postal Codes for the US


I recommend creating a copy of config.js called local.config.js and adding it to your .gitignore so your MongoDB configuration settings do not get persisted in git.

Loading Postal Codes into MongoDB from the Command-Line

Saves postal code documents in MongoDB using geospatial indexes.

Example (be sure to npm install the dependencies listed under "NPM Dependencies" first):

node test/load-geonames.js --file ~/data/geonames/US/US.txt --config ./local.config.js

Querying Postal Codes by Source Zipcode and Radius


This test searches for the 10 closest postal objects within a 4 mile radius of zipcode 94133:

node test/test-find-query.js -c ./local.config.js -z 94133 -r 1
Using MongoDB settings in configuration file: ./local.config.js
Found: {"country":"US","zipcode":"94133","city":"San Francisco","state_long":"California","state_short":"CA","loc":[-122.4091,37.8002],"_id":"50061415305f380000001160"}
Found: {"country":"US","zipcode":"94108","city":"San Francisco","state_long":"California","state_short":"CA","loc":[-122.4079,37.7929],"_id":"50061415305f380000001149"}
Found: {"country":"US","zipcode":"94111","city":"San Francisco","state_long":"California","state_short":"CA","loc":[-122.4001,37.7974],"_id":"50061415305f38000000114c"}
Found: {"country":"US","zipcode":"94104","city":"San Francisco","state_long":"California","state_short":"CA","loc":[-122.4018,37.7915],"_id":"50061415305f380000001145"}
Found: {"country":"US","zipcode":"94109","city":"San Francisco","state_long":"California","state_short":"CA","loc":[-122.4186,37.7917],"_id":"50061415305f38000000114a"}
Found 5 postals

Node.js API


NPM Dependencies

  • mongoskin
  • optimist (for test/load-geonames.js only)
  • csv (for test/load-geonames.js only)

NPM Usage

npm install mongo-postal