Select and download videos and handouts from courses


Select and download videos and handouts from courses


py 2.7 or 3.x


npm install mongo-edu -g

or see detailed installation guide in the wiki pages


$ mongo-edu --help
  -d          download path                             [required]
  -u          email address
  --py        pass switch to point to Python
  --ncc       no check certificate for py3.x < py3.4.x
  --verbose   print debug info
  --cw        switch from wiki video lists (default) to courseware
  --cwd       same as --cw and dumps list of videos to file in -d
  --co        sequence video files in order of the courseware
  --cc        get closed captions
  --hq        get high quality videos
  -h          switch from videos (default) to handouts
  --uz        unzip handout files
  --proxy     pass proxy switch for video download
  --test      use with --proxy to test if usable
  --save      save presets
  --load      load presets

Download all available videos from lists present in the wiki pages for any given week. If no lists are present in wiki add --cw to search through the main courseware pages.

Add --cc to download closed captions with the videos and --hq to get high quality videos. Use with --co to sequence the video files in order of the wiki ( based on the order of the files present in the wiki lists ) or courseware ( when used with --cw preserves the courseware order ).

You can download videos via proxy tunnel. To test if proxy is usable just pass --proxy http://proxy_ip_address:proxy_port_number --test to download a test video via specified proxy. If succesfull just remove --test and pass the rest of the required flags.

Add -h to download all available handouts present in the syllabus pages for any given week and --uz to unzip files after the download.

You can save presets for use for later. To do so just add --save my_preset_name at the end of your call sequence. To recall saved presets just specify --load ...

##License MIT