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Perform a diff between two objects expressed as MongoDB operations


Component to perform a diff between two objects expressed as MongoDB operations.

var diff = require('mongo-diff');
// diff two arrays using set strategy 
diff(['a', 'b', 'c'], ['b', 'c', 'a'])
  ['pull', 'a'],
  ['push', 'a']
diff('a', null)
// [['unset', 1]] 
diff(1, 5)
// [['inc', 4]] 
diff.val('a', 'b')
// [['set', 'b']] 
diff.val('a', null)
// [['unset', 1]] 

Expresses differences as $set or $unset., 8, { interval: 1 })
// [['inc', 1], ['inc', 1], ['inc', 1]] 


  • interval increment interval. If null the interval defaults to the difference between the numbers (null)

Expresses differences between numbers in terms of $inc operations.

diff.ordered_set([], ['a']);
// [['push', 'a']] 

Expresses the difference between arrays as a series of $pull / $push operations. Useful to match differences on arrays that are used with the $addToSet MongoDB operation.

  • More strategies
  • Ordered set indexOf should use deep matching for object/array support