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This module allows you to create a counter field using MongoDB


npm install mongo-counter


mongoCounter = new MongoCounter(db, [collectionName], [documentID], [fieldName], [initialValue])
// collectionName: (default: 'counters') the collection to use for the counter
// documentID: (default: undefined) the document ID where the counter is created
// fieldName: (default: 'counter') the field where the counter is stored
// initialValue: (default: 1) the initial value for the counter

mongoCounter.createDocument(function (err, objectID) {  })
// Creates the document for the counter. Not required when `documentID` is defined (err, value) {  })
// Generates the next number

mongoCounter.set(value, function (err, success) {  })
// Sets the counter to `value`

mongoCounter.reset(function (err, success) {  })
// Resets the counter to the initial value