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    Mongo Changestream Connector


    Connect and change streams with Mongoose

    This module is created for Mongo Live Server

    How to install

    This module depends on mongodb. If you're using Mongoose, and you want to create Mongoose connections instead of native MongoDB connections, e.g. to instantiate your Mongoose models with, mongoose@5 is a peer dependency of this module. So, make sure that Mongoose version 5 is installed in your project.

    npm i mongo-changestream-connector

    Or when using yarn:

    yarn add mongo-changestream-connector

    How to use

    Supply the setting useMongoose: true to the Connector constructor.

    Now, after using the mongoose connection to instantiate models, you can access all mongoose models with Connector.models. The reference to the native MongoDB with Connector.db will now not be available anymore.

    Finally, instead of specifying collectionName in the changeStream method, specify modelName.

    Convenience variables:

    When using Mongoose


    When using MongoDB

    MongoClient connector.mongoClient = client

    Db Instance the return value of mongoClient.db() connector.db

    How to contribute


    • Run npm run release-test to make sure that everything is ready and correct for publication on NPM.
    • If the previous step succeeded, release a new master version with a raised version tag following the git flow standard.
    • Run npm run release to finally publish the module on NPM.

    How to test

    Run all the tests once with coverage:

    npm test

    Run all the tests without coverage and with a watch:

    npm tests

    Run the MongoDB tests without coverage and with a watch:

    npm test-mongo

    Run the Mongoose tests without coverage and with a watch:

    npm test-mongoose


    npm i mongo-changestream-connector

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