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Monarch Router

Functional style universal JavaScript router(yes, another one). I wrote this with the intention to practice some functional programming concepts, and to use it in my own isomorphic apps.

Why another router?

I have been experimenting with isomorphic JavaScript for a while now, and so far none of the current routing solutions has quite convinced me. React-Router is nice, but it is coupled to React and it's API is not as simple as I would like to. Other routing solution add history and hash events management, which ,in my opinion, are out of the responsibility of a router. The prior also makes difficult integration with server side routing.

I wanted a simple url/state pattern mapping tool that executes a function and returns results. And here it is.


$ npm install -S monarch-routes

Use it

import routes from 'monarch-routes';
const routingTable = {
    "/users": ()=> "This should return a bunch of people...",
    "/users/:id": ({params})=> {DB.getUser(}
const monarch = routes(routingTable);
monarch('/users'); // This should return a bunch of people...

That's it. I don't think it could be simpler.


monarch-routes takes a routing table in the form of a JavaScript object with the keys being the route pattern to match ,and the value being a handler function for that route pattern. It will return a monarch function which is our new router.

monarch takes a string path or url and returns whatever the matched handler result is. The handler is invoked with a context object with the url that matched, the params of the pathname, and the query string variables.

The router uses the same path matcher algorithm than ExpressJS, so integrating with any express-ish app is easy.


Clone this repo and run npm install and after that run the tests npm test.