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    monaco-editor-auto-typings is a plugin for Microsoft's Monaco Editor, which automatically loads type declarations when you enter import-calls in the code editor.

    Try it out in the demo! Add some imports to some libraries available on npm, such as import express from 'express';, and see that any imported variables are automatically strictly typed.

    monaco-editor-auto-typings comes with lots of customization options, but is still a one-liner to add to your project. It works by loading declarations from UnPkg. They can then be optionally cached in localStorage or elsewhere.

    Example image


    Install via yarn add monaco-editor-auto-typings monaco-editor or npm install monaco-editor-auto-typings monaco-editor --save.

    import * as monaco from 'monaco-editor/esm/vs/editor/editor.api';
    import { AutoTypings, LocalStorageCache } from 'monaco-editor-auto-typings';
    const val = `
    import React from 'react';
    React.useEffect(0); // Type Error!
    // Create monaco editor instance
    const editor = monaco.editor.create(document.getElementById('root')!, {
      model: monaco.editor.createModel(val, 'typescript'),
    // Initialize auto typing on monaco editor. Imports will now automatically be typed!
    const autoTypings = await AutoTypings.create(editor, {
      sourceCache: new LocalStorageCache(), // Cache loaded sources in localStorage. May be omitted
      // Other options...

    Known Limitations

    • Currently, scoped packages (@org/...) are not supported. This feature is blocked by this issue. @types/... packages are not affected and work fine.


    export interface Options {
       * Share source cache between multiple editor instances by storing
       * the cache in a static property.
       * Defaults to false.
      shareCache: boolean;
       * Only use packages specified in the `versions` property.
       * Defaults to false.
      onlySpecifiedPackages: boolean;
       * Load typings from prespecified versions when initializing. Versions
       * need to be specified in the ``versions`` option.
       * Defaults to false.
      preloadPackages: boolean;
       * Updates compiler options to defaults suitable for auto-loaded
       * declarations, specifically by setting ``moduleResolution`` to
       * ``NodeJs`` and ``allowSyntheticDefaultImports`` to true.
       * Other options are not changed. Set this property to true to
       * disable this behaviour.
       * Defaults to false.
      dontAdaptEditorOptions: boolean;
       * After typings were resolved and injected into monaco, auto-typings
       * updates the value of the current model to trigger a refresh in
       * monaco's typing logic, so that it uses the injected typings.
      dontRefreshModelValueAfterResolvement: boolean;
       * Prespecified package versions. If a package is loaded whose
       * name is specified in this object, it will load with the exact
       * version specified in the object.
       * Setting the option ``onlySpecifiedPackages`` to true makes this
       * property act as a whitelist for packages.
       * Setting the option ``preloadPackages`` makes the packages specified
       * in this property load directly after initializing the auto-loader.
      versions?: { [packageName: string]: string };
       * If a new package was loaded, its name and version is added to the
       * version object, and this method is called with the updated object.
       * @param versions updated versions object.
      onUpdateVersions?: (versions: { [packageName: string]: string }) => void;
       * Supply a cache where declaration files and package.json files are
       * cached to. Supply an instance of {@link LocalStorageCache} to cache
       * files to localStorage.
      sourceCache: SourceCache;
       * Supply a custom resolver logic for declaration and package.json files.
       * Defaults to {@link UnpkgSourceResolver}. Not recommended to change.
      sourceResolver: SourceResolver;
       * The root directory where your edited files are. Must end with
       * a slash. The default is suitable unless you change the default
       * URI of files loaded in the editor.
       * Defaults to "inmemory://model/"
      fileRootPath: string;
       * Debounces code reanalyzing after user has changed the editor contents
       * by the specified amount. Set to zero to disable. Value provided in
       * milliseconds.
       * Defaults to 4000, i.e. 4 seconds.
      debounceDuration: number;
       * Maximum recursion depth for recursing packages. Determines how many
       * nested package declarations are loaded. For example, if ``packageRecursionDepth``
       * has the value 2, the code in the monaco editor references packages ``A1``, ``A2``
       * and ``A3``, package ``A1`` references package ``B1`` and ``B1`` references ``C1``,
       * then packages ``A1``, ``A2``, ``A3`` and ``B1`` are loaded. Set to zero to
       * disable.
       * Defaults to 3.
      packageRecursionDepth: number;
       * Maximum recursion depth for recursing files. Determines how many
       * nested file declarations are loaded. The same as ``packageRecursionDepth``,
       * but for individual files. Set to zero to disable.
       * Defaults to 10.
      fileRecursionDepth: number;
       * Called after progress updates like loaded declarations or events.
       * @param update detailed event object containing update infos.
       * @param textual a textual representation of the update for debugging.
      onUpdate?: (update: ProgressUpdate, textual: string) => void;
       * Called if errors occur.
       * @param error a textual representation of the error.
      onError?: (error: string) => void;




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