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Twitter-lioke Date Formatter

Twitter-like Date Formatter

moment.twitter.js is an extension to moment.js that formats dates like Twitter.

Works on both past and future dates.

Web-friendly formatting (alias moment().twitterLong()).


Formats time relative to current time.

moment(moment() + (36e5 * 5)).twitter()
// 5 hours

Yes, it does smart pluralization.

moment(moment() + 36e5).twitter()
// 1 hour

Times greater than 24 hours are converted to dates like Mar 7

moment(moment() + 6048e5).twitter()
// Mar 7

For use on mobile.


Units single characters, and there are no spaces.

moment(moment() + (36e5 * 5)).twitterShort()
// 5h

Times greater than 24 hours but more than 6 days are converted to days.

moment(moment() + (864e5 * 6)).twitterShort()
// 6d

Times greater than 6 days are slash-separated.

moment(moment() + 6048e5).twitterShort()
// 3/7/86
  1. Write some bad ass tests.
  2. Compile this with grunt, I guess.
  3. Get @timrwood to close timrwood/
  4. npm, require, commonjs, etc support.