This plugin provides a Python-like isocalendar method to moment objects.

Simply call the isocalendar method on any moment object. It returns an array of four items: year, week_of_year, day_of_week, minutes_since_midnight.

moment(new Date(2011, 11, 23, 14, 30)).isocalendar();
// [2011, 51, 5, 870] 

Additionally, there is a function that provides the inverse functionality, it takes an isocalendar array and returns a moment object.

moment.fromIsocalendar([2011, 51, 5, 870]).format('LLLL');
// "Friday, December 23 2011 2:30 PM" 

Make sure you have all the dependencies and run make test. You will also need Python installed on your computer as the tests compare results against those returned from Python. (Python scripts can be found in test/helpers/.