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Moment Duration Format

Format plugin for the Moment Duration object.

This is a plugin to the Moment.js JavaScript date library to add comprehensive formatting to Moment Durations.

Format template grammar is patterned on the existing Moment Date format template grammar, with a few modifications because durations are fundamentally different from dates.

This plugin does not have any dependencies beyond Moment.js itself, and may be used in the browser and in Node.js.



npm install moment-duration-format


bower install moment-duration-format


<script src="path/to/moment-duration-format.js"></script>

When using this plugin in the browser, be sure to include moment.js on your page first.



To use this plugin as a module, use the require function:


The plugin does not export anything, so there is no need to assign the require output to a variable.

The plugin depends on moment.js, which is not specified as a package dependency in the currently published version.


The duration format method can format any moment duration. If no template or other arguments are provided, the default template function will generate a template string based on the duration's value.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format();
// "2:03:00"
moment.duration(123, "months").format();
// "10y 3m"

The duration format method may be called with three optional arguments:

moment.duration.format([template] [, precision] [, settings])


template (string|function) is the string used to create the formatted output, or a function that returns the string to be used as the format template.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("h:mm");
// "2:03"

The template string is parsed for moment-token characters, which are replaced with the duration's value for each unit type. The default tokens are:

years:   Y or y
months:  M
weeks:   W or w
days:    D or d
hours:   H or h
minutes: m
seconds: s
ms:      S

Token characters may be customized (see below for an example).

Escape token characters within the template string using square brackets.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("h [hrs], m [min]");
// "2 hrs, 3 min"

Escape characters may also be customized (see below for an example).


precision (number) defines the number of digits to display for the final value.

The default precison value is 0.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("h [hrs]");
// "2 hrs"

Positive precision defines the number of digits to display to the right of the decimal point.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("h [hrs]", 2);
// "2.04 hrs"

Negative precision will truncate the value to the left of the decimal point.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("m [min]", -1);
// "120 min"


settings is an object that can override any of the default moment duration format options.

Both the template and precision arguments may be specified as properties of a single settings object argument, or they may be passed separately along with an optional settings object.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format({ template: "h [hrs]", precision: 2 });
// "2.04 hrs"


Leading tokens are automatically trimmed when they have no value.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("d[d] h:mm:ss");
// "2:03:00"

To stop that behavior, set { trim: false }.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("d[d] h:mm:ss", { trim: false });
// "0d 2:03:00"

Use { trim: "right" } to trim from the right.

moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("[seconds:] s -- [minutes:] m -- [hours:] h -- [days:] d", { trim: "right" });
// "seconds: 0 -- minutes: 3 -- hours: 2"

Force Length

Force the first moment token with a value to render at full length, even when the template is trimmed and the first moment token has a length of 1. Sounds more complicated than it is.

moment.duration(123, "seconds").format("h:mm:ss");
// "2:03"

If you want minutes to always be rendered with two digits, you can set the first token to a length greater than 1 (this stops the automatic length trimming for the first token that has a value).

moment.duration(123, "seconds").format("hh:mm:ss");
// "02:03"

Or you can use { forceLength: true }.

moment.duration(123, "seconds").format("h:mm:ss", { forceLength: true });
// "02:03"


Moment tokens are defined as regular expressions, and may be customized. Token definitions may be passed in the settings object, but are more likely set on the defaults object.


Default escape token regexp: /\[(.+?)\]/

Define something other than square brackets as escape characters.

moment.duration.fn.format.defaults.escape = /\((.+?)\)/;
moment.duration(123, "seconds").format("m (minutes)", 2);
// "2.04 minutes"


Default years token regexp: /[Yy]+/

Define years token for spanish language formatting.

moment.duration.fn.format.defaults.years = /[Aa]+/;
moment.duration(123, "weeks").format("a [años]", 2);
// "2.35 años"


Default months token regexp: /M+/

Define months token to use only lower-case m.

moment.duration.fn.format.defaults.months = /m+/;
moment.duration(123, "weeks").format("m M", 2);
// "28.36 M"


Default weeks token regexp: /[Ww]+/

Define weeks token to use only lower-case w.

moment.duration.fn.format.defaults.weeks = /w+/;
moment.duration(123, "days").format("w W", 2);
// "17.57 W"


Default days token regexp: /[Dd]+/

Define days token to use only lower-case d.

moment.duration.fn.format.defaults.days = /d+/;
moment.duration(123, "hours").format("d D", 2);
// "5.12 D"


Default hours token regexp: /[Hh]+/

Define hours token to use only lower-case h.

moment.duration.fn.format.defaults.hours = /h+/;
moment.duration(123, "minutes").format("h H", 2);
// "2.04 H"


Default minutes token regexp: /m+/

Define minutes token to use only lower-case n.

moment.duration.fn.format.defaults.minutes = /n+/;
moment.duration(123, "seconds").format("n:ss");
// "2:03"


Default seconds token regexp: /s+/


Default milliseconds token regexp: /S+/


Default general token regexp: /.+?/

Not sure why you'd want to redefine the general token regexp, but you can. Just make sure it's lazy so the other token expressions can do their jobs.